Turning wisdom into action on every brief

Fivesight is our model for turning wisdom into action.

We make the impossible happen in retail with our 5-stage proprietary process, continuously drawing on the years of hard-earned and hard-learned wisdom for every client brief.

Our process captures the fundamentals of wisdom – knowledge, curiosity and insight – to help us see what others miss and master the unseen side of retail.

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Knowledge is power.

We have been filling the knowledge bank for 30 years. Shopper data, brand information, the retailer context and competitor activity is combined with internal expertise and research we’ve gathered from past campaigns. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business to get a clear understanding of the real challenge and apply our incredible level of expertise from Day 1.



Judgement finds what is useful.

We distil the gathered knowledge and highlight where the potential opportunities lie – within the restrictions of retail. Spotting problems early and knowing where rules can be flexed is the difference between work that works, and work that falls at the first hurdle.



Understanding is knowing what works in the real world.

Our strategic thinking is rooted in a deep understanding of real people – those who rarely think about brands – in real shops, bars, airports and forecourts. We commission proprietary shopper research and build campaign strategies anchored in ‘real world revelations’ to develop campaign springboards that will stand up to the demands of real-life retail.



Pragmatism meets imagination

Action turns knowledge, judgement and understanding into creative solutions that work for the audience, the brand and the retailer. We deliver Inventive creative solutions that maximize every opportunity to disrupt and delight consumers without losing sight of the demands of retail in the real world.



Wisdom always reflects

Every campaign ends with an evaluation to aid future learning. From ‘traffic light’ evaluations completed by clients and the HRG team, to consumer feedback and results, to in-store compliance reports. Wisdom is hard-earned, so we ensure the value of it is captured, bottled and stored to benefit every future brief.